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Arp Interpol

Extension for Abletons Arpeggiator Device

Arp Interpol clips the range of your Arpeggiator Device to the corresponding time of set beat divisions and lets you interpolate smoothly in between.
Use it for Drum Rolls or Synth stabs in the Style of Flume and Odesza.

Just place the device directly in front of Arpeggiator to remotely control its Time Parameters

The Snap Parameter lets the Time Mode "snap" to sync Mode when you reached 0% or 100%

The Clip Indicator starts lighting up if the Speed of the set beat devision is out range of the free running Mode of Arpeggiator

Works for Ableton Live 11 & 12

(Also for Live 10 and possibly earlier Versions, but might not change colors to different themes,feel free to contact me if this is necessary for you)

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