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Stevon-AV | Audio Visual Artist from Hamburg, Germany


Stevon is the artistic pseudonym of Steven Kuhlmann, Musician, Max-Programmer and VJ from Hamburg, Germany.

As a musician he mainly works as Bassit and Ableton Operator on different projects and is a founding member of the alternative electronic Band "MODESHA"

Focusing his Bass playing around electronic music he started developing Max for Live Devices to shape his sound and Live Performances to his needs, continously sharing his new developments for public.

As Visual Artist he works with different artists, DJ-Crews and Festivals around Germany. His performances are centered around audioreactive and realtime-generated visuals. With simple geometrics, detailed 3D-Models, analog style video-noise and feedbackloops he converts the individualism of every stage performance to a visual event on screen. At Stevon-AV you can find  VJ Loops and generative Resolume Compositions of his own.

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